The Wrong Reasons

From a Missouri news story, originally read at GamePolitics:

“There is no reason an adult should have this game,” says Andy Anderson, Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force.

Anderson says adults playing “animal crossing” and similar games are likely doing it for the wrong reasons.

Really? I haven’t played AC yet, but I want to play it. I also, as y’all know, play Webkinz, a game targeted at kids. I’m one of at least thirty adults I know of who do. Oh, and by the way, I have no, zero, zip interest in doing anything “wrong” with kids. Andy Anderson needs a reality check.

(By the way, it’s also worth noting that in Animal Crossing for Wii, as in ALL Wii games, you have to have both parties exchange friend codes before you can play together online. You can see mine in the sidebar at right or on the About Me page. That is, just because you have my friend code means nothing. I don’t see that you have my friend code, and I don’t see that you added me unless I also have your friend code and have inputted it. That’s not some arcane privacy setting; that’s how Wii works. On top of that necessary 2-way exchange, AC has a separate code that must be exchanged and set correctly by both parties, and you have to both be online at the same time *and* accept a chat session to be able to freely speak. In short, there’s no way for a predator to target a kid playing Animal Crossing or any Wii game without some serious effort on the part of the kid, not to mention a huge lack of oversight by the parents, considering that parental controls can block every single step in the process if desired.)

2 thoughts on “The Wrong Reasons”

  1. “Andy Anderson needs a reality check.”

    You and I and as many other adults who play Webkinz ought to write to this person and give him the other viewpoint: that the games are fun, that not every adult playing them is a pervert, and that if parents don’t do their job it isn’t our job to restrict our fun to do their job for them. The whole “It takes a village” thing continues to invade our legal system and, you know what? It does NOT take a village. It takes a parent. Go after them first for allowing their kid to have unsupervised access to the wild, wild web.

    It makes me sad to think what he (and others like him) may do with that attitude. Simply because they have a misconception about a game, they will get all righteous and point fingers. It only takes one person in such a position to spin their wheels hunting/catching/prosecuting innocents in what will eventually proved to be wasted efforts [you spell that in Tax Dollars, btw]. We can be sure, at least, that a court will eventually overrule these kinds of wrong-thinking, should it ever be used against someone, yes. But at what price to their livelihood and reputation before they get their day in court. The whole “protect kids” knee-jerk reaction has created all sorts of negative situations for adults wrongly accused, because we “all” know that if the media sees it, you will be called “guilty” for the rest of your days, no matter how the court ultimately rules.

    Sheesh. And there are those who question why anyone would want an anonymous avatar online!

  2. The guy who wrote this article is an idiot! I used to play Webkinz WITH my kids…and on my own as well as I really enjoyed the numbers games and things that challenged me to think quickly.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been on Webkinz for a few months…because my kids got Animal Crossing for Christmas. It’s such an addicting game for everyone in my family and we really enjoy interacting with each other. From my 5 year up to my wife who never played video games before Animal Crossing, my entire family plays and enjoys having a common interest.

    We’ve only gone online twice, with a coworkers daughter, who we knew and trusted. There is 0 chance that my kids will find a predator online because we are aware of what our kids do and we monitor it. The guy writing this article either has his head in the sand or the kids involved are completely ignored by their parents. It’s the parents fault, not the game’s.

    Tsukata, let me know when you get AC. We can connect online and help you out with fruit distribution which is the key to building your fortune quickly! =)


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