We are the champions!

Last night, Eaten by Delicious (our Rock Band band) gathered at the Harrah’s Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana for the Total Rock, Total Rewards Rock Band challenge, round 1:

Eaten By Delicious, or is it?

We checked the instruments. Then, we diva’d out and insisted on an opening band (one of the gathering crowd that wanted to play). We wanted any technical problems to be worked out before we were being scored, as this competition was purely score-based with no crowd component. We also woo’d and cheered loudly for them, though.

Then, just before we were getting onstage (as they were making sure their equipment was working), we had our VH1 Behind the Band moment. B* realised that the next round of competition is during a bridge tourney out of state. DH and I had already seen this and decided that we’d rather do Rock Band competition than a bridge tourney (even though this particular tourney is reputed to be awesome). Ms. Moo had already checked her calendar. But, B* had not checked on this/had not been told the date and thus told us he couldn’t play. At the last minute. Just before we were about to go on. At which point, I jokingly said, c’mon, it’s not a National…and then I realized he was seriously going to bail on us, and I got *pissed*. We had spent the past four nights practicing, working on this instead of doing other things. I’d left work early on Friday. And then he made the mistake of blaming my dear husband, which led to me biting B*’s head off. I mean, I was ticked anyways, but I also knew the history and felt strongly that this was in B*’s camp to check, not ours, so that just gave me justification to bite his head off.

We begged Mr. Moo to fill in. He’d just gotten Rock Band two weeks earlier, so this was a big ask. He was only there to root for us and take pictures. But, he was a really good sport about it and filled in on bass at medium. I was on guitar on hard (we’d figured out that, as a band, we scored better with me doing 99% on Hard than with me getting a higher individual score at 93% on Expert, due to the multipliers). My DH was on drums. Ms. Moo was singing.

Eaten By Delicious, rocking out

We ended up scoring okay on the song, but not up to our normal level. It is important to note that this was not Mr. Moo’s fault. He did wonderfully, particularly considering that he was relatively new to the game (granted, he’s a very good real guitarist). One problem was that the whole stage rocked whenever DH hit the drum pedal (and Ms. Moo, not realizing the problem, was stomping along with the beat), and thus his drum kit was creeping forward at an angle. The drum kit didn’t have enough weight to hold it in place. Also, there’s the “zOMG we’re on a stage with a crowd cheering!” factor, which meant that I only scored 93% on hard, with a relatively low streak.

Then, there was a promotion at the casino that you could get free buffets pretty easily, so we got free buffets. Mr. Moo went back to the poker game while the “original” EBD went to the buffet. (Technically, the original Eaten By Delicious is me and DH…the band name is a combination of our two Guitar Hero band names, Delicious and Eaten By Wolves. But, B* and Ms. Moo complete us.) While there, B* and I (having had time to cool down) talked and resolved the fighting. So, we were cool.

Then, B*, having had time to think about it more, decided that he wanted to do it after all. So, we registered again, as a different band (because you can swap out one person and be a whole new band). That necessitated a new band name. Thus, we are now known in the competition as Even More Delicious.

Even More Delicious won…with nearly 150% of EBD’s score. Granted, the competition was weak. There were no serious bands there. We could have won without practicing at all, as it turns out. Still, it’s a victory.

In April, we’ll be competing in the local finals, and, if we get past that, we go to regional finals. At regional finals, we each win an XBox 360 and Rock Band 2 (kind of silly since clearly at least some of the winning band will already have it). If we go to and win the national finals, we get to open for the B-52s in Vegas. πŸ™‚ *That* is a long shot though. We might have a shot at winning the regional finals…but nationals…we’re good, but there are LOTS of people who are MUCH better. Still, it’ll be fun to try. πŸ™‚

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  1. If you win and have redundant hardware, I’ll give you a C-note for the XBox.

    I’ve seen the B-52s in concert, and sadly I can attest that you’d upstage them.

    What’s your song of choice, btw?

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