Webkinz Glitch of Sadness

All of my frogs are at health 70, happiness 90, hunger 44 or 50. 🙁 This is a glitch that is going around on Webkinz. Responses from Ganz have ranged from stating vehemently that it’s a new feature to saying it’s a glitch and not to spend money fixing it until they’ve corrected it. You can read more on the status at WebkinzInsider’s article on the issue.

I’m just sad. I want to fix my frogs, but I don’t want to waste the KinzCash if it’s not needed. 🙁

1 thought on “Webkinz Glitch of Sadness”

  1. i am suffering WebKinz guilt. i just can’t find time/energy to go there right now. i am sad. 🙁 i miss my webkinz, plus i have 2 more “friends” for them that i have yet to add.

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