Thoughts on the Oscars

I’m writing this before reading anything written by anyone else on the topic, including my friends list and Google Reader feeds…even before reading tweets.

  • I liked Hugh Jackman, to a point. Every now and then, he became cloying rather than adorable. For example, when he was like, “There’s [namedrop]…how ya doin?” like some kind of Vegas lounge act, that annoyed me.
  • The tribute-style award presentations were okay. I’d like it better if it was always someone who felt a special connection with the honoree instead of (especially in the case of whoever it was that honored Kate Winslet) a clearly memorized and recited speech. I’d like to know if the people doing the honoring got to choose who they would talk about and if they had any input into their speech. Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s was okay. Halle Berry’s was great. But, some of them just felt forced.
  • I liked it being in the order of the movie production.
  • I loved the big musical dance numbers, particularly Baz Luhrmann’s montage with Beyonce and Hugh Jackman. I’m a Baz fan, so I may be biased. And, the opening dance number ending with “I’m Wolverine!” was priceless.
  • As always, Anne Hathaway could wear a brown sack and be the most gorgeous thing on any stage or screen.
  • I think the dresses with the f-ed up asymmetrical “straps” that look like someone just threw a wad of fabric over the gal’s shoulder and tied it off are stupid. That style can die any time now.

I haven’t seen a single one of the big Oscar movies. I had seen Wall-E, but we just saw it this past weekend. I was disappointed that Wall-E didn’t get at least one sound or music award, considering that 90% of the damn movie is told musically to great effect. But, having no knowledge of the eventual winner, I’m in no position to criticize the selections.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Oscars”

  1. I hated the tribute-style presentations. They seemed to work in the venue (where it’s peers honoring each other, sure) but at home if you haven’t seen each nominated performance, you had no sense of why they were selected. And in the case of Adrian Brody introducing Richard Jenkins, it seemed that neither Brody nor whoever wrote his intro had seen The Visitor. Show, don’t tell!

  2. Totally missed the Oscar show.
    Watched The Amazing Race and went to bed.
    Why can’t I have Monday AND Friday off? 🙁

  3. I enjoyed the previous winners talking a bit about the nominees, I think that it’s a step in the right direction. But you’re right that some of the speeches sounded VERY forced! And it would have been better to understand what(if any) personal connection they may have with the person they’re talking about. I thought it was a nice change. 🙂

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