Grandma Update

Grandma RC passed away yesterday afternoon, around noontime. It had been kind of uncomfortable for a few days, because they really thought she was going on Wednesday (hence me flying out that night)…and then she was moved to hospice care at the hospital, and she held on (albeit drugged and mostly asleep) until yesterday. On one hand, it felt very morbid to me to be sitting around essentially waiting for her to die. It made me angry, too. She was ready to go. She wanted to go, and the last thing she would have wanted was to have everyone making a fuss because she wasn’t gone yet. Yet, we as a society don’t trust each other enough (and probably with good reason) to let a family and the grandma they love just decide that it’s time. The closest equivalent is hospice care…and while nothing there is there to prolong life, it feels like in this day and age, you ought to be able to press a button and just be done, peacefully. But…that’s neither here nor there.

Grandma RC lived a very long life. We were looking at some of her papers last night, and there’s some really cool history there. There was a tax form from 1944. There was a marriage license from her mother as well as her own license.

We’re headed over someone else’s house this afternoon to listen to the Rabbi and then take visitors. The funeral will be tomorrow morning.

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  1. RE paragraph 1 theme:

    yes, it’s stupid how we’ll do for a dog or cat or even a stranded whale what we won’t do for our own species!!!

    please, please, just end it for me. i do not, repeat, DO NOT plan to linger about. in fact, if i ever suspect that might be my ending, i’ll save you the trouble. really. 🙂

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