I love Zune!

OMG, I should have switched to Zune years ago.

Things that are awesome that you will not find being mentioned on most reviews and blogs:

  • The Zune comes with various sized earbuds. (You hear that Apple? PEOPLE DON’T ALL HAVE GIANT EARHOLES!) Yay Zune for going the good route instead of making you buy a separate set. Oh, and the earbuds have a really cool and durable cord…overall, they seem very nice for freebie, inbox earbuds.
  • The Zune Originals unboxing experience was superb. Also, on the back of my Zune, in addition to the artwork I selected and the engraving I selected, it says “Hello from Seattle.” I find this awesome. Hello right back at ya, Zune!
  • Zune lets you do individual settings for podcasts. This is a feature that DH and I have been *screaming* for, for forever. We are both heavy podcasters, him moreso than I. It is very annoying in iTunes that you only get a global setting for podcasts (that is, you can keep 10 episodes of everything, all episodes of everything, etc.). For political podcasts that are weekly or daily, I really only want the most recent one. For something like This American Life, I want all of the ones that I haven’t heard yet. Zune lets you set this on a per podcast basis, as well as a global default. AWESOME.
  • Even better, you can tell Zune how you want to hear the podcasts. So, for example, you can tell it that when you click to play “Slate’s Political Gabfest”, it should start with the most recent instance, but when you click to play “Jay and Jack’s Lost Podcast”, it should start with the oldest instance. Brilliant.
  • In the Zune marketplace, you can filter it by audio podcasts or video podcasts. Again, this is a very basic feature that iTunes has just completely blown off.

Given the above, I am *shocked* that I saw a number of reviewers saying that the Zune was not good for podcasts. The Zune software is better for podcasts than any other software I’ve seen, including Songbird and a host of other “indie” managers I’ve tried.

Additionally, there’s all the things that you will hear about on blogs and reviews: wireless syncing, XBox compatibility, overall sweet UI, etc. Those are all nifty, too, but I’m reveling in the things that I didn’t know before I bought Zune and that would have convinced me to buy it sooner if someone had just told me.

And now, I’m going to cry if they discontinue Zune as was rumored earlier this year. 🙁 Please, Microsoft gods, keep Zune!

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