I’m a Dropout

At work, I got re-org’d into a new department. The new department is actually something of a good move for me, and, from what I’m told, I got selected to be in it….not something where they were like “Oh we can either lay her off or move her, let’s move her here for now.” Knowing what the new group is, it definitely fits my experience and interests, so I can’t say that I’m unhappy about the change. I have a big potential for success in my new group that I didn’t have in my old group. Except…

Budgeting at our company happens in early January. At the time of budgeting, my new department didn’t know they were getting me. So, they did not account for my school expenses in their budget. They are currently over budget by a large figure even without my schooling, and thus, they have no funds to reimburse me for school.

My old department budgeted for the class I just finished, and they *may* have budgeted for the rest of this school year. That part, I don’t know for sure. They’re looking into it. If that is the case, my new department can “borrow” the budget from my old department. If they did not budget for it, or if they are also over budget, I’m SOL for school money.

I’d like to be able to stay in school, and some would look at my finances and say that I can afford it. But, the program I’m in is very much geared toward employer reimbursement. I also think that they’re priced on the assumption that you’re being reimbursed. (I liken it to casino and convention hotel restaurants: they’re priced on the assumption that you’re not actually paying for the meal…that a company or comp is covering you.) There are cheaper programs I could go to, without losing very much in terms of value. The reason I chose this one was, in part, that they *are* set up for reimbursement and thus the overall effect was making my life easier with work. I’m past the deadline for Term 3 scholarships, and I make too much to qualify for financial aid (and even if I did qualify, I’d have guilt in taking it away from someone else).

So, with a 4.0 GPA, I’m about to become a grad school dropout.

What pisses me off about this is not that my company doesn’t have budget. I’d be a real heel if I whined about them not covering my schooling when they’ve laid off thousands of people in the past six months. I expected that, at some point soon, they’d tell me that the company couldn’t do school reimbursements anymore. (Like, I could see them saying that if you’re within a year of graduation, they’ll continue it but otherwise, they’re dropping their funding.) What pisses me off is *how* this is happening. This isn’t some company-wide policy change. This is piss-poor planning, and their piss-poor planning is fucking me over. THAT pisses me off.

BREAKING NEWS: Last night, I wrote an e-mail to the school registrar advising her of the situation and requesting a withdrawal from my Monday night class. LFGSM policy is that they pro-rate the tuition for the first 5 sessions of classes. So, if I went to tonight’s class, I’d owe them $200 in tuition. While I was composing this blog entry, an e-mail came in from the registrar. Having read my e-mail, the registrar has written me back and said that she’ll waive that first $200…basically she told me that, if I want, she’d rather keep me in the program until I know for sure. Only problem is that I have no textbooks, no pre-work completed…argh. So I’m now trying to decide what to do on that front. I think I’d be a fool not to take her up on the offer. It can’t hurt. I’ll just have to scramble this afternoon and evening to be ready.

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  1. Major bummer on the school! Good deal you were moved instead of “affected”.

    MBA programs are mad expensive, all of them, even ones at public schools. As I understand it, they are priced with the idea that you are not only paying for school, but also for “connections” or whatever.

    Do you think you’d be able to take a leave of absence from your program and then go back once the reimbursement is straightened out? I know my program lets students do that…you just pick up where you left off.

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