Silver Linings

We got robbed today. 🙁 My parents’ car was broken into. The good news is that no one was hurt, and my parents’ truck was undamaged. (Edited to add on 1/16: As of the time that I’m editing and actually posting this, we now know that the thieves drilled out the lock on the driver’s side door of their truck, so it was actually damaged. We just didn’t notice it at the time.)

It was mostly my stuff that got taken. They took my daypack backpack, which was this bag from Sherpani, and unfortunately, since we were eating at a buffet, I had tucked my “park purse” inside. My park purse was a $10 “Sunwashed Canvas Pouch” from LL Bean (now discontinued, which SUCKS because it was a PERFECT park purse…I could fit either my Kindle or my DS in it, along with camera, and ID…and not much else. It fit very nicely in cross-strap form, and the straps could be reconfigured as a backpack. Perfect! Damn your discontinuing, LL Bean!). Inside the bags:

  • 3 cans of soda (DH had taken them for bridge)
  • Our bridge convention cards and holders (Oh noes! The thieves can steal our system!)
  • My digital camera. Yes, the one I had just bought in Taiwan. Enjoy learning Chinese, thieves! Thankfully, I’d just downloaded the pictures from it last night, and I didn’t do that much picture-taking today.
  • My iPod and (nice, noise-cancelling) earbuds
  • 2 credit cards (our joint MC and my personal Discover)…and they had managed to put the following purchases on them when we called to alert the companies: $327 at the Nike Factory store up the way from where we were, $150 at a Walgreen’s (DH thinks they bought burner phones. He’s been watching The Wire. 🙂 ), some amount at a Disney outlet store, and around $300 in other stuff that we didn’t get the specifics.
  • My driver’s license…so getting through the airport on Sunday should be fun. 😛
  • My park pass/room key. Already cancelled with Disney, and they don’t print your resort name or room number on it, so no chance of the burglars getting to our room.
  • A Tigger pen I’d bought at the Pooh store at Downtown Disney today
  • Miscellaneous park survival kit items: tylenol, ibuprofen, Celebrex, Dramamine, band-aids, ponytail holders…and the pill case that it was all in
  • $10 in cash (I don’t tend to carry much cash, thank goodness!)

So, how did this happen? Well, we went into the Golden Corral near Disney for dinner, and while we were inside, they got into the truck and grabbed my bag, and my mom’s bag. When we came back out to the truck, we didn’t even notice anything was wrong until I started poking around and didn’t see my bag where I’d left it. Then, my mom noticed that one of her bags (fortunately, just a little totebag that had a notepad and not much else in it) was also missing and realized that we got robbed. We called the cops (my cellphone was in my pocket) at that point. My dad did a circle check of the nearby trashcans, in case the thieves ditched the bags somewhere.

There are many silver linings, though. The first and most important is that DH almost went back out to the truck while we were in the restaurant to get my bag so he could have some tylenol. It would have sucked mightily if he’d interrupted the robbery in progress and gotten shot or stabbed or who knows what. I’ll keep my DH and let them have my stuff, thank you very much. The second is that my parents’ truck is still driveable and so they can get home okay. The third is that DH and I were in a knockout and had survived to the evening session, and the bridge directors were kind enough to let us add a pair to our team at the second round (making it a 6-person team) so that we could keep playing. And, the pair we added seems to be really good, so we lucked out there. (We made one of our teammates a life master tonight, but I digress.) Fourth, most of my credit cards, as well as a host of other ID-type thingies, are back in the hotel room. Fifth, my parents almost brought their laptop with them, to access the internet from BW3 while we were out, but they forgot it. And the sixth is that…well, it sucks to lose my stuff, but this means that I get to go shopping for new techie goodies. The digital camera that I had wanted to get wasn’t at the store in Taipei, so I can get the one I actually wanted…and the iPod loss sucks mightily, but I’d been kind of wanting to upgrade to a 120GB Zune anyways, so I could watch my Amazon Video purchases on it…and I don’t wear it around my neck very much anymore, so the nano’s size advantage doesn’t do anything for me.

The police officer who took the report was very nice and upbeat. He took a fingerprint from the door, and he re-assured me that I would be able to fly home. He asked me if I want to press charges, if they catch the people who did it, and I was like, why wouldn’t I? All I could think about was that this wasn’t like I’d been raped or something where I wouldn’t want to face the court. But, I guess, lots of people don’t want to press charges because you have to come back to Orlando for the court date. If you don’t show up for court, the charges are automatically dropped. But I was like, hell yeah I’ll come back. We have family in the area that we can stay with, and I have an assload of frequent flier miles. I told him that if he can catch them, I’ll come down, point at them, and do whatever he needs me to do. 🙂 He said he would go over to the Nike factory store right after he finished with us and see if they can get a camera footage of the purchase and also check the trashcans and stuff nearby to see if the thieves ditched the bags there. Honestly, I was very impressed with the officer’s professionalism and courtesy. I wrote him an e-mail saying as much. I’ve been in situations that were similar before in New Orleans, and I mean…you’d think in a tourist town that the cops would be jaded and not interested in anything except getting back to “real work”…but this guy seemed to take a true interest in helping us, making sure I was okay and generally making me feel better about the situation, pointing out that I’m the victim, that I shouldn’t feel stupid, things like that.

In other news, we played in a knockout yesterday, and we got knocked out in the first match. (We had a bad draw, and we held our own…it wasn’t a blowout.) We went to Downtown Disney this morning, via the ferry from Port Orleans. On the ferry ride, we saw a new resort being built. It’s for the Vacation Club, but it’s a bunch of treehouses! It’s really cool looking.

I’d been to Downtown Disney’s West Side before, and I wasn’t impressed. But, I’d never been to the Marketplace side, which is filled with Disney stores! I loved the Pooh store, and I’m looking forward to coming back to explore some of the other stores. As I’ve said more than a few times on this trip, there’s a person who is a Disney-phile, who collects and trades pins, who decorates their house in mouse, and so forth…and I could so easily become one.

My fandom of Disney is unusual. I like the music from the movies, but even more than that, I like Disney’s ruthless efficiency. I like WDW’s level of detail, the glossy experience. I know it means that they have horribly evil rules and such for the employees, but I respect that the result is something uniquely successful and appealing. I love the engineering that goes into their rides and attractions. I like that, despite being a “family destination”, Disney has generally welcomed alternative lifestyles and been friendly to their business. Generally, I really respect Disney. And, I love the parks. I really do. I love the silly little theming, even. So yeah, it’s a battle I fight to keep myself from buying Disney cups, bowls, aprons, dishcloths, antenna decorations, camera bags, purses, shoes, jewelry…because I love all of it.

Anyways, we decided to keep the same team and play in a knockout today, and we won our first match by a relatively large amount, due in no small part to DH and I’s successful bidding of a grand slam in clubs. We also nailed our second match, and so we’re playing again tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, and we had breakfast this morning at Boatwright’s at Port Orleans. AWESOME French Toast…it was so good. 🙂 Tomorrow morning, we’ll probably do quick breakfast and go shopping for a new digital camera for me, and then maybe try to squeeze in a kayak or bike rental to explore the resort.

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