Laundry=yes; bathroom=no.

Our carpet on the 1st floor is dry. The basement still has some moisture, so the fans are running there. All the fans and equipment have been moved out of the 1st floor. We’re happy to have some quiet on this floor again!

We got our laundry machines hooked back up, though we still don’t have tile in the laundry room. That installation will probably take awhile. The adjuster is coming by on Monday, and we’ll get next steps from him then.

When the water damage crew came by on Christmas Eve, they noticed that we had excess moisture in the bathroom adjacent to the laundry room, and sure enough, when they ripped out the cabinet and the toilet, they found that the water had seeped under the wall and into the bathroom flooring and cabinetry. Our bathroom vanity/cabinet is ruined. The sink and associated stone is fine, but the tile in there had to be pulled up and trashed, and that area had to be dried out, too. Until that gets fixed, we have no 1st floor bathroom. If nothing else, at least we’re getting exercise running up 1-2 flights of stairs to pee! šŸ™‚

Also, since we have this opportunity, I figure we can use it to do some updates to the 1st floor bathroom. It needed painting anyways, and we can replace the vanity base with one that is a bit more modern. We can also update the flooring and put in a better towel rack system. Right now, it vexes me terribly that the towel rack is inefficiently placed.

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