Plans Awry

Our plan was to go skiing tomorrow. I scraped the storage wax off of our skis today. Scraping was a task that made my arm ache, but I have a huge sense of pride in how pretty the bases are. I do not have pride in the mess that I made in the house, though. We will be cleaning up wax bits for the rest of the season, I imagine, as they hide and stick to things. I should have done it in the garage, but it’s bloody cold in the garage. So, I should have been less lazy and hauled my space heater into the garage. ::sigh:: Lesson learned, at least.

Now, we’re going to make the decision on the fly tomorrow morning. The weather channel is predicting 25mph winds at Alpine Valley, and a wind chill that puts it in the teens. The temperature in the teens wouldn’t worry me. I have plenty of warm baselayer and outerwear, plus once you start moving, you stay warm pretty easily. But, the wind is worrisome. Wind with ski lifts is a fact of life, but 25mph wind makes for a rocky ride, I imagine. We had relatively minor winds on one trip, and it was enough to make me clutch the bar. I don’t want my first ski trip of the year to be unpleasant. I want it to be fun and worry-free. Granted, no matter what, I’m spending my first 2-3 runs on the magic carpet slopes, just to make absolutely sure that my muscle memory is there before I go down a full-blown green or (midwest) blue.

I am also going to be exhausted on the first few trips, no matter what the conditions. I’d hoped that the promise of winter skiing would help motivate me to build up my aerobic endurance during the summer, but it did not. The awesomeness of the XBox did not help in this area, but it’s really my own laziness to blame. I tried to make a compromise between these competing forces by walking on the treadmill while playing my latest addiction, Left 4 Dead, but that was a recipe for disaster. Every 5-10 minutes, I’d misstep onto the edge of the treadmill and nearly trip, or I’d drift far enough back to trigger the treadmill to stop and nearly trip. Either way, it was more of a test of my balance and recovery than an aerobic activity.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow. 🙂 This ski bunny wants out of the hutch!

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