Fried Rice

I did another big batch of fried rice tonight, while waiting for my evening meeting to start. I decided to take a picture of part of the batch:

TK\'s Fried Rice
TK's Fried Rice

Tonight’s recipe:
2 cups well-rinsed and cooked sticky white rice
2-3 eggs, previously soft scrambled with chopped green peppers and vidalia onions
3 green onions, chopped
1 package of pre-cubed, pre-cooked chicken
sesame seeds, a generous sprinkling
a pinch of fresh ginger
soy sauce
teriyaki sauce

I used Lenova cooking oil and added some powdered fiber while stir frying to bump up the health factor. I had one small bowl of it for dinner. The sticky rice definitely comes closer to my fried rice ideal than brown rice, but the difference isn’t so huge that I’m going to stop using brown. I actually like the flavor of the brown rice better. It just isn’t the same as the Hibachi fried rice that I’m trying to emulate.

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