It was bound to happen…

This morning, in a crazy rush to get the car backed out so I could take the garbage cans to the curb, I slammed my passenger side mirror frame into the edge of the garage. The garbage truck was on the street already, and I was in my nightgown, down coat, and slip-on shoes to try to make sure our stuff got out before they got to our house.

You’d think the odd scraping noise I heard as I backed up, in the second or two I had before it happened, would have clued me in that something was wrong. Instead, I thought, “Hmm, that’s an odd noise.”

The good news is that it’s a simple part to replace. The part itself runs around $30-40 unpainted on the internet. We’re going to do some research to see if a nearby junkyard recycling center has one in stock in my car’s color and year, so that we can skip the paint job. It looks like something I can do myself, but I have a back-up mechanic in case I fail.

The better news is that the mirror itself is fine; it’s just the plastic frame. This means my car is still legal to drive.

In other news, I got to visit with a dear friend on Saturday! We played Rock Band, and we had lots of meat. Sadly, the neo-futurists sold out before we could get there. But, it was an awesome afternoon nonetheless. 🙂 And then, on Sunday, we had folks over and we played silly games (mostly) and watched reality TV. So, it was a good weekend. 🙂

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