Tonight until now

Best part of tonight: Shouting at 10pm, along with a few hundred thousand of Chicagoland’s finest, “7…6…5…4…3…2…1….(pause for CNN animation/graphic)…..YEAAAAHHHHHHHH! WOOHOOO!”

Worst part of tonight: DH driving me to train station where I left my car this morning only to find a dead battery due to me leaving the lights on. Also, spending 90 minutes trying to jump start proving to be unsuccessful…likely SUPER dead battery. Bad experience with roadside assistance suckitude. too tired to write more.

Edited at 9:45am to add: Car is fine now. The tow company that came this morning was able to jump it. Took straight to AutoZone for a battery test, and the battery is good. Must have just been really dead and we weren’t able to get enough juice from DH’s car to get the engine to turn over. (Tow company had one of those super-powered battery zappers.)

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