If money and resale weren’t an issue…

…here are some things I’d do to our house:

  • Merge the two guest bedrooms upstairs into one larger bedroom. Make the guest bathroom larger at the same time and include space for a washer and dryer.
  • Increase the size of the bathtub/shower area in the master bath.
  • Bust down the walls between the two closets in the master bedroom and create one giant walk-through closet.
  • Put a dumb waiter in that would go between all 3 floors (basement, main, 2nd).
  • Extend our deck to 80% of the length of the house (not any deeper into the yard though) and enclose half of it with a screened room.
  • Heated driveway
  • Solar panels on the roof

Not too much to ask, is it? 🙂

1 thought on “If money and resale weren’t an issue…”

  1. I want solar panels too…but then I’d need a new roof. 😉

    ps: I believe a heated driveway would be a huge-o’mongous selling point, but then I never shovel snow. Who am I to judge?

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