High School Guy

During ThirtyCon, I had all my old yearbooks and such out on display. At one point, between games, I read through them, and it reminded me of a guy I was friends with (casually) in middle and high school…we were on senior year yearbook staff together, and we were in several AP and GT classes together. His nickname back then was…well, he didn’t like it that much (though he begrudgingly tried to “own” it after time), so I won’t repeat it…but one thing led to another and I decided to google stalk him, which led me to his myspace page.

He turned out HOT. 🙂 especially all goth-halloween. 🙂 I mean, not that he wasn’t hot in high school, but still…damn. Looks like he’s still in SC. Were it not for my undying hatred of MySpace, I might message him. 🙂

To make this google-able, his name (and I will say it, because it’s on his MySpace) is Kevin Neuroth. He is almost precisely my age. He’s apparently single, he’s in SC, and he was a nice guy (and a bit of a geek, in a good way) in high school…which is always a good sign of being an awesome grown-up. 🙂

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