So, in a little more than an hour, the evil doctor people will potentially be snipping away a piece of my dear cervix for testing and such.


Edited to add at 5:21pmCT: Well, I’m a big ol’ wuss is what I am. I was afraid over nothing. Granted, I took two happy pills before I went, but even so, I felt pressure and discomfort…but no actual pain. They didn’t snip anything though. Doc said my cervix looked spiffy, so there was no need to biopsy. They did a repeat swabbing to test again just to be sure, but most likely, it was an anomaly of having had mega-sex the night before my last pap. Told doc about that, btw, and that I’d never known…and she said, “Yeah, most people don’t.” and she seemed to be in a hurry, so I didn’t pester her with my question, “WHY DON’T YOU TELL THEM???” 😛 Besides, she seemed cool and was very nice to me with my terror and whinging.

4 thoughts on “Colposcopy”

  1. Similar story/outcome with my eye surgery thing. Much ado about nothing. (altho it’s itching like mad today and no scratching, rubbing, touching allowed!!!)

  2. Oy! That doesn’t sound like much fun. I’d tell you my pap story, but it isn’t all that interesting. I can tell you, however, that it took exactly 1’22”. It was probably among the worst 1’22” of my entire life too.

  3. Really? Your doctor’s never told you that? Every Gyn I’ve ever seen has reminded me to lay off the extracurricular activities for 24 hours prior.

  4. Nope. It might have something to do with that I started going to a gyn at 14, well before anyone would even hint that I might be having sex, at least in my conservative hometown. Or, it might be that my first six years of gyn visits were via the Navy hospital, so they don’t do alot of calling you in advance or anything. At any rate, I’m guessing that when I started going to a gyn in IL, they probably assumed that at my age, I knew this little tidbit already.

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