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  • Visited doctor today. He says it looks like I’m healing up fine and to basically just use the Prilosec OTC as needed, if needed, going forward, but to know that it takes around 3 days for it to start working. He said if I just need immediate relief, something like Pepcid might be a better solution.
  • Today’s experimental food was pizza for lunch. It was not the best pizza in the world, but it was a good test, with lots of cheese and a greasy crust. All seems to be well with the tummy (and all the subsequent parts).
  • Got call back from my NP at the gyn office. My test results from the pap and repeat HPV test came back. The HPV is all gone (as expected), but the pap did come back abnormal, so they’re going to biopsy my cervix as well as look at it under a microscope. Ouch! That won’t be fun, but better safe than sorry, right? Also, she said that quite often, the abnormal cells tend to get absorbed or re-built by the body anyways, and even if not initially, the biopsy process can help trigger the body to do it. Nonetheless, it’s important to get it checked out, because if it is something nasty, the early knowledge is better.

Edited to add: Did you know that having sex 24 hours prior to a pap can cause the pap to be abnormal? DH and I had gone at it like bunnies the night before. That’s probably all this is. I can’t believe that in 14+ years of seeing a gynecologist/NP and getting annual paps, NONE of them ever told me that I should avoid sex 24 hours beforehand. When you get a blood test that requires fasting, they warn you not to eat. Why in the world would they not warn you about this? So, I’m saying it here, as a PSA.

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  1. (TMI for some)

    Maybe they don’t tell because GYN is a business filled with lots of liars for patients. By not telling you they can SEE if you’re having sex (and how much sex) no matter what you’ve said in the intake interview.

    Don’t sweat the cervical biopsy. I had one in 2006. Less annoying than my regular gyn visit because they put “numbing gel” all over my pink parts BEFORE they put in the LARGER version of a speculum. I honestly didn’t feel a thing more than mild cramping (way easier than my usual cramps).

    Remember to tell them about your IUD. They need to know because it “might” try to expel when the neck of the cervix gets tampered with.

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