Amazon’s Amazing Customer Service – Kindle Edition

Last week, my Kindle died. The screen looks broken somehow. It has a big blank spot, and I can see the text refreshing around the blank area, but the blank area is blank. We don’t know what happened to it. Thanks to my hospital visit (and the “no electronics” policy) and subsequent dead-tiredness, I hadn’t used it in awhile.

I looked up the Kindle warranty service number and made the call. After a quick hold message that gave me a Spanish option, I was put through to an agent. He was exceptionally friendly, didn’t give me any guff, and basically after going through some troubleshooting steps (some of which I hadn’t thought of), he agreed that the Kindle was kaput. So, he said they’d be sending me an e-mail with a printable UPS return label as well as a new Kindle. My new Kindle would arrive on Tuesday. This was on Saturday. Yes, that’s right…2 day turnaround for a warranty-fresh Kindle. There was no hold placed on my credit card. And, as mentioned, the agent was exceptionally friendly. He even commiserated with me about how tough it must be to live without my Kindle, even for a few days (it was!).

Well, the new Kindle arrived yesterday (even faster than promised), but the return label still hadn’t shown up in my e-mail. I call them up, and once again, I get a super-friendly and congenial agent who almost seems delighted to talk to me. He asked friendly questions about my e-mail address and about the weather in Gurnee (while pulling up my account, but he did it so smoothly that it didn’t feel like he was killing time). He then stayed on the phone with me so that as soon as he sent the label, we could make sure it arrived. Furthermore, he apologized for the inconvenience and thanked me for giving them a call to check on it.

I deal with a lot of crappy customer service lines. (AT&T’s DSL support is topping the list right now, but that’s another story. Reference also this saga with EA.) Amazon’s support for this was not just good, it was stellar. The whole process was so pleasant that I was barely bothered that I was calling back.

As longtime readers know, I’ve been a solid Amazon loyalist for quite awhile. This just gave me yet another reason to love them and preach their awesomeness.

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