Debate Mad Lib

Credit goes to Greg for creating my version and to de stijl for creating the template.

I understand what Americans are going through. Why, just last week I met [Marcus], a struggling [bank teller] in [Fargo]. [Marcus] was desperately concerned about being able to afford [A1 Steak Sauce], and who could blame them? What with the latest news about [the economy], not to mention the situation in [France], many people like [Marcus] toss and turn at night.

My opponent thinks that spending money on [Medicare] will solve all your problems. But it wouldn’t help [Marcus], and it wouldn’t help [Regina], a single parent of [73] kids in [San Jose]. [Regina] despairs that the children are learning about [Mythbusters] when they’re supposed to be learning about [math], and that when it comes time for them to graduate, they won’t be qualified to go to college or to seek work as [porn stars]. And in the meantime, the bills for the kids’ [flowers] are skyrocketing.

I understand the problems on Main Street and [Oak] Street. I understand the crushing problems facing [Marcus] and [Regina], and the problems facing you and your family. And just like [Winnie], a young child bravely fighting [Ebola], asked me to do when I toured the Children’s Hospital in [Indianapolis], making sure that this nation is strong, looking out for working families, and tackling [War] will be among my top priorities when I am elected President.

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