Poop of Joy

I pooped! 🙂 Yeah, I know…potential TMI and whatnot, but when pooping is your main way to know that your digestive system is intact and happy with the changes that have occurred, it’s a joyous thing. First post-surgery poop happened just a little while ago, and I’m thus excited.

I had trouble sleeping through the night. I’m not drugged enough to be exhausted anymore, and I’m not sleeping in my preferred position. DH was kind enough to go fetch me a wedge pillow so that I could sleep sitting up a little (which is the most comfortable position for me right now). So, that part was good and helped…but I kept having to fight the urge to roll over on my belly (as I normally sleep). I made an attempt to sleep on the non-punctured side this morning, but it wasn’t comfortable.

I also was waking up at roughly the intervals that they woke me up at the hospital, so I’m sure there’s some kind of habit there. Slithering out of bed is an adventure in itself. I found the best way is to get as close to the edge of the bed as possible, then slide my legs over to the floor, and slip out of bed such that I basically slide out into a squat. Then, I use the wall to help myself into a standing position and go from there. That seems to minimize the amount of ab work. It does stretch me at one point that is ouchy, but I just try to make that part go by quickly.

DH is back at work today. I’ve created a nest here on the sofa on the first floor. I have computer, Kindle, blanket, Wii controller (and Super Mario Galaxy as well as Lost Winds available to me), water, and my phone. I’ll probably alternate between dozing and other things.

Oh, and getting up from the couch is also an adventure. The procedure is to scoot over to the non-reclined area, then perform a similar sliding maneuver to the bed-exit strategy. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Poop of Joy”

  1. I totally sympathizing with the sleeping. That was the worst part of the C-section.

    Do you have a stick? Getting out of bed became way easier once I remembered that Peter has a walking stick from the Renn Faire and I could use that to help lever myself upright. Just a suggestion 🙂

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