I’m holey!

Specifically, I have four holes that are roughly in this formation:

- -

They’re like dashes. My surgeon today said that the stitches are all on the inside. All I see on the outside is tape over a cut. I’m to leave the tape alone until it falls off naturally. I can shower today and basically go about my normal eating and doing business, as much as I can manage.

My night in the hospital was interesting. As a few folks warned me, I didn’t really get to sleep through the night. They came in about every 2 hours to check my vitals and see if I needed anything. (Most often, I needed to pee , which required help to get to and from the bathroom with the IV tower…and since I had to pee into a tray on the toilet so they could make sure I was putting out what I was taking in, it was a bit of an art form to get centered on the tray.) They had massage thingies wrapped around my legs to make sure my blood didn’t clot since wouldn’t be moving as much. My magic button was clipped to the front of my gown, and I slept with my sleepy mask on, when I slept.

For dinner last night, I had a “clear fluid” meal, which was a fruity ice popsicle, warm chicken broth, decaf tea with sugar and lemon, orange jello, and water. This morning, my nurse told me to make sure to order breakfast early because they wanted me to have some solid food in my system before they switched me over to vicodin instead of the morphine drip. When I called the room service line, though, they said my meal had already been ordered. I shrugged it off as my befuddled head misunderstanding the nurse, but it turns out that the night nurse was supposed to cancel the clear fluid meal order and never did…so I got a clear fluid breakfast of almost the same stuff except a lemon italian ice instead of the popsicle. It was still tasty, and my throat is still really sore from the breathing tube, so I didn’t really mind. But, the nurse was upset and got it taken care of ASAP…so that about an hour later, I had a bacon and tomato omelet and a banana on my tray. In that hour wait, my surgeon and anesthesiologist stopped by to check on me. I thanked both of them, and my surgeon said I was all clear to leave, so he started the checkout process. The process took another hour or so.

As of right now, I can walk around, slowly. It hurts to sit down or get up from sitting down, but once I’m in any position, it doesn’t hurt much to stay in that position. There’s two types of pain, too…I have the abdominal soreness that most closely equates to how you feel if you do way too many sit-ups…and I have a stinging/burning that comes from the incisions if they get jiggled or stretched.

Trying to keep Pancake from jumping on my belly without offending him terribly is proving to be a challenge. He really wants to be near me right now, but I’m very nervous about him hurting me without meaning to do so.

My DH just went out to get us some lunch and pick up my prescriptions. šŸ™‚

That’s all the news I have.

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