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I got elected class representative for my MBA class. I also got a perfect score on my first paper. And, my project group made me the project manager. So yeah, I’m doing pretty well on that front. 🙂

I’m going to miss next week’s class, though, and that will hurt my grade as well as count against my 2 absences per term limit, which sucks. I am not a fan of attendance policies, and I almost didn’t go to this program because they had one. My opinion is that I’m paying for school, and it should be my choice if it’s worth it for me to go. On the other hand, this is a very participatory class. It’s not pure lecture and readings, so I can understand a participation component to the grade…it just pisses me off that it’s automatic (rather than based on what you *actually* do), and it pisses me off that it’s purely based on showing up. Participation is more than showing up.

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  1. In most attendance policies HOSPITALIZATION is excused and you get NO PENALTY if you make up the work missed. See if you can get someone to audio record the class you’ll miss, get 2nd set of any hand-outs, etc. BE SURE to advise the prof in advance that you will miss and why. THAT should go a long way in keeping you from being penalized. Who gets to choose to have a gall bladder removed, after all?

  2. The class rep basically serves as a liaison between the school and the class, attends meetings once a quarter to voice issues to the school, and handles contacting the class if the professor can’t be there for some reason.

    It’s nothing fancy. I was basically elected because I was willing. 😉

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