Gall bladder wants to leave the party in my tummy?

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I’m soon to be scheduled for surgery on 9/22. That is, my surgeon has told me he’s going to do the surgery on 9/22, but I don’t have a timeslot yet at the hospital. The hospital is going to call me to give me a time and further instructions. Also, the anesthesiologist will call me to tell me about that part.

I should note that based on my mother’s experiences, I’m a bit worried that the anesthesiologist will give me grief and/or throw up a hoop that I have to jump through that could potentially delay the date. Then again, I was nervous about the surgeon giving me grief, and that was a breeze. He scheduled it on his iPhone, which made me immediately love the guy. Go science!

My surgeon also thought it was cool that I watched the video and pretty much knew about the surgery already. He said not many people can handle watching the video beforehand, but lots of people want to see it afterward, hence them having it up there. I told him I thought it was very neat to see it happen and that I’m the type that is and will be reassured by information. I mentioned to him how I had vague memories of my wisdom teeth being extracted for like a day afterward, and dreams about it for a few days afterward, but that later, I couldn’t remember it even if I tried. I couldn’t even remember the events surrounding it very well. I found that strange, and I wanted to know if I was going to remember this surgery. He said that I remembered that one because they only had me partially under, but that I’ll be fully knocked out for this and thus won’t remember a thing.

As far as post-op, I’ll be spending the night at the hospital for observation. Then, I’ll be released the next morning and sent home for bed rest. He said most people get mild discomfort in the first days after, and he said I can go back to eating normally as soon as I get home. There’s no restrictive diet afterward, although he said it’s not a bad idea to go easy on food at first. No exercise or major movement for the first week. The following week, I can go back to non-strenuous activities (e.g., driving, work) but still no exercise or anything that would make me break a sweat. I’ve told my boss that I’m taking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off for sure, and we’ll play it by ear for Thursday and Friday (since I can work from home). I’m on a pretty major project right now, and I am hoping that I can at least check and reply to e-mail on Thursday.

I have no idea what staying in a hospital overnight is like. This is the first time I’ve had any kind of surgery (aside from the wisdom teeth). Feel free to share in comments or e-mail, if you have knowledge. 🙂

ETA: The anesthesiologist’s office just called. I have a blood cell count test that I have to do, so I’m doing it today. That seems to be the only hoop from them, so that’s good!

3 thoughts on “Gall bladder wants to leave the party in my tummy?”

  1. Staying in the hospital overnight isn’t terrible. It’s a little like staying in a busy hotel with people walking up and down the hallway at night. I found that the food wasn’t half as bad as everyone makes it out to be either. And the nurses wanted me to get way more than I could eat because why not?

    But then, that was the mother/baby ward. Don’t know if the rest of the hospital is different.

  2. It’s been, hmmm, almost 30(!!) years (heh) since I overnighted but what I remember is them constantly waking me up during the night. I understand the why but it got very aggravating after awhile.

    Also, forget food while you are there. I doubt you’ll get any serious “hospital” food….at least from midnight BEFORE until, well, probably the next morning they’ll give you clear broth, jello-o, or maybe something similar. (1) Before, they don’t want you regurgitating during the procedure and potentially aspirating/choking while they are inside you. (2) After, they don’t want your stomach bloating up and ripping loose those fragile new repairs. (3) After, also, you’re going to be drugged up pretty good (yes!). That’s a very good thing, but you’ll sleep alot and eating, most likely, won’t even enter your thoughts.

    Suggest you get some sticks of peppermint (or something similar, stick-sized) that you can suck on the DAY AFTER if your tummy doesn’t settle down.

    ps: 30 years ago I had a “zipper” of stitches afterwards. I had stopped eating mid-day the day before the surgery and then after I got only jell-o and clear broth for the first THREE days, at which point they wanted me to have a BM (!!!). Like there was anything INSIDE me then???!!! When I finally got that first “real meal” I was feeling really hollow!** And it was a boiled chicken leg and it was F’ing Incredible! I still love chicken legs because of that one. 🙂 (**well, you weren’t in there taking up space anymore either.)

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