I guess the news is that there’s no news. 🙂 I have no updates on the gallic front. (heh) I had an absolutely lovely weekend with the in-laws and with B* (aka the bridge friend who was in Poland). (OMG would it save me time if I could find a script or something that would automatically link any instance of a certain word in my blog to a definition or page that I create for that purpose…so I could write “DH” without feeling a need to clarify and so on.)

My MIL and FIL almost didn’t come to visit because of the surgery news, but I’m really glad they did come. It was good to see them, and, as I was telling my DH, in the worst case that something bad happened out of nowhere, it’d be a bit of a blessing to have them there to help him.

We spent Saturday shopping. I got a really cool coat at Lands’ End, and the DH got some shirts at the L.L. Bean grand opening. Unfortunately, it seems that L.L. Bean is going with that frequent trend to not stock their plus sizes in the store. ::sigh:: Fat girls go in the woods, too, people! And we like to look woodsy and have flannels and pretty sweaters! And we like getting to TRY THEM ON instead of having to always order from the internet. Okay, I say that, but I totally love internet shopping. It’s only the things like jackets and pants, where size and cut make a huge difference, that I really hesitate to buy over the internet unless I’ve tried them on in a store first.

On both mornings, we had really good breakfasts. We went to Wildberry on Saturday, and I’ve been dying to go there for awhile. I had the Rocky Mountain crepe (a Denver omelet wrapped in a crepe) and the Taffy Apple crepe (lighter than it sounds…steamed apples with chopped nuts and a very light coating of caramel on the inside of the crepe). On Sunday, we went to The Point, where I had yet another Denver omelet variant. Mmm…Mr. Moo (who really doesn’t deserve that appellation, but it’s the most easily recognizable for those who know his wife) has gotten me addicted to Denver omelets, because he makes the best ones around. He also makes the best biscuits and gravy, to the point that I can’t stand it from anywhere else anymore. But, as usual, I digress…

Ed. Note: I had to start my Monday night class midway through writing this, so I saved it to drafts. As I do have news now, I’m just going to publish what’s here with a backdate, and continue with news in the next post.

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  1. gak! my id didn’t autoload! weirdnesses all over the place today.

    anyway, the reason i clicked on “comment” is:
    that it begins to be necessary to have a “compass” to not get lost in these posts. 😉

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