Better than a poke in the eye…

…but not by much. That’s about what I think of my ultrasound. It wasn’t the tech’s fault. She was very apologetic about what she had to do to get good pictures for my doc. The process though was as follows:

1) Inhale deeply and hold it. (ouch!)
2) Have metal wand poked into your ribs and all the areas nearby, particularly the tender area. (ouch!)
3) Exhale. (ouch!)

I did get to see my liver on TV though, which was kind of neat. The room was clearly set up with pregnant women in mind, as there was a TV in just the right place so that you could see it when you were leaned back. I also got to see my kidney, and I saw stuff that I’m told was the bloodflow to/from that area. I did not get to see my gall bladder, as she had me turn on my side so she could get a good view of it, and thus, I was away from the TV.

My doc will get the results tomorrow, and theoretically, his office should call me and tell me something. I am going on the assumption that if any of my organs had seemed ridiculously out of whack, the tech would have said something to urge me to go to the hospital. That’s not to say that I’m taking this as reassurance that all is well, but moreso that nothing is looking so blown up as to cause someone who looks at organs all the time to panic. Thus, I am calm, although still wishing I knew what the @#$% is wrong, because it STILL BLOODY HURTS. It hurts to breathe. It hurts to sit still. It hurts worse to be standing or be lying down than to be sitting up, but generally, it hurts. Also, some of the pain has moved to my back, which, from what I’ve read, is another sign that it’s a gall bladder issue. It could also just be residual ouch from the ultrasound wand’s pressure. That part is hard to tell.

The tech did mention that I have alot of gas in my system right now. I’m not sure how to take that. I did eat pizza for dinner yesterday early evening, and any sort of milk product will make me gassy. But, I don’t know if she was mentioning it in the “you might just have gas, crazy hypochondriac lady,” sense or more in the FYI sense.

At any rate, I’m surviving. I’m at work doing my normal things. Thank you to everyone who sent notes of support and who thought happy thoughts for me. I really appreciate it, as despite any appearance of calm, I’m still freaked out and will be until someone tells me what is wrong. 🙂 But, don’t worry too much. It seems like I’m mostly okay.

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