I [heart] The Daily Show!

I owe thanks to rmjwell for pointing me to last night’s ep. I’d gone to bed early and missed it. Also, my dear husband has me on political overload right now and probably will have me overloaded until the election. Thus, I’ve been minimizing my exposure to political stuff so as to not want to throw things at my dear husband when he does his nightly political braindump. 🙂

Fortunately, you can watch the entire episode for free at TheDailyShow.com. That’s exactly what I did while I ate my brunch of chicken noodle soup and Goldfish crackers. The best bits were the numerous instances of Republicans at the RNC completely reversing their positions on topics such as teen pregnancy, double standards for female candidates, and the validity of a small town governor’s experience. If there’s anything that The Daily Show does well, it’s that kind of bit. I know they must have a horde of interns reviewing footage to get those perfect contrasting clips, and I’m happy for it. I hope the mainstream* media picks up the banner.

* Or, is TDS considered mainstream now? Hmm.

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