Pictures of Rocks

The RailCon 2008 (but mostly pictures of Red Rocks) gallery is up and captioned. I’m at home today, mostly because I feel sickly. I’d been taking Aleve Cold & Sinus for this cold that my dear husband gave me, and it seems to have messed with my stomach. Ow.

I’m seeing a doctor on Friday. I’m a bit worried that I have an ulcer. πŸ™

2 thoughts on “Pictures of Rocks”

  1. Glad you are seeing a doc. Altho there’s something of a racket involved, it helps to remove all worry/doubt.

    I saw the (new) dermatologist yesterday (both her and her PA actually) instead of Friday because of a certain storm kicking up a fuss down here. They called me, asked if I could come early and I did. Once there I got a full body check for moles, warts, melanomas, etc — when all I went for was the scaly patches on my elbows and under my eyes. [Lesson: be happy when you have to get totally naked on a day when you didn’t choose your nicest underwear.] Now have 2 ‘scripts’, which are 2 creams (one for each area, since eyes are too sensitive for the stuff needed to penetrate elbows) and my insurance companies are much poorer. (One of these creams, in 3oz size, retails for more than $60 !!)

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