I choo-choo-choose you!

Crayon games I played this weekend:

  • Empire Builder (with Mexico)
  • India Rails
  • Nippon Rails
  • Euro Rails
  • British Rails
  • Iron Dragon
  • Middle Earth Rails (partial game, to learn/see only)

Other games played this weekend (so far):

  • Metro
  • Ticket to Ride: 1910
  • 1830
  • Express

Books completed during this weekend:

  • The Host by Stephenie Meyer – In many ways, it was a better story than the Twilight series. However, having read Twilight and its sequels, you definitely see a common thread or two such that it becomes clear that Meyer both idealizes motherhood and fantasizes about being the object of two men’s affections.
  • Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey – You know, I really enjoyed the first two books, and this one left me a bit wanting. I slogged through a ton of exposition (meant to make the book readable by new inductees to the series), and it felt like the payoff was minimal. I may have to accept that I liked this series for the sex scenes more than for the plot. (Oh, and I should mention that I found the central romance, between Joscelin(sp?) and Phedre, tiresome from the start. I like Phedre/Hyacinth much more…so that biases me a bit.)

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