Pancake’s day!

Today is Pancake’s day. This is the day that I’ve chosen to celebrate Pancake’s birthday. Much like George Washington, Pancake’s celebrated birthday is not the day he was born. We decided to celebrate Pancake’s day on the anniversary of his adoption date (roughly, as we will always celebrate Pancake’s day on a weekend that we are home). Check out the August 2006 archives (click any post title to read the whole post) to reminisce about Pancake’s early times with us. 🙂

As his Pancake day treat, Pancake got a new water fountain. I also made him a special treat of tuna for dinner last night. However, the still-full dish this morning tells me that Pancake, despite tuna being his favorite catfood flavor, does not like actual tuna. Strange kitty! Maybe it’s the lack of garden greens?

PS – Check out Pancake’s gallery for some Pancake Day pictures!

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