To camp or not to camp

Our plans were to go camping this weekend with our gamer friends, as we did last year. However, the weather was not looking so great as of this time yesterday. Even though it’s only saying 50% chance of thunderstorms, that’s a good bit of rain if you’re outside, not to mention that the ground is wet from it raining today and yesterday.

We have cancelled. It sucks because I was really looking forward to hanging out with our friends, and knowing how these things go, the weather will probably be beautiful despite the reports. Still, we’re not uber-campers by any means. We have a relatively small tent, and neither of us really like being outside for that long…we just do it because it’s a fun weekend with friends. We suspect it would be less fun in the rain. One of our friends said it’s still fun in the rain, because they (who are uber-campers) set up tarps over the tables and fire and stuff so that we can still cook and play games.

I’m having non-buyer’s remorse, I guess. This is one of those situations where no matter what choice I make, I’m going to feel like I made the wrong one.

1 thought on “To camp or not to camp”

  1. pardon me if i feel no pain with your decision. i am (or were) an uber-camper and ‘i’ would never choose to camp in the rain. unfortunately my camping history has repeatedly shown that Mom Nature delights in making me pack up a wet tent and shuttle home a bunch of wet other-people EVERY freakin’ TIME that i go camping.

    so i’ve stopped going. this decision came when i/we got SOAKED yet again in the middle of SUNDAY morning (after having great FRI night thru Sat midnight adventures). this decision came because Mom Nature rained on yet another of my famous (infamous) special breakfast menus (i do breakfast GOOD in the WOODS). this decision came despite having just purchased a new screen room and new BIG tent because i’m sick of having to set up gooey, wet tents and hang heavy, soaking sleeping bags in my backyard for DAYS while they dry out, only to have them destruct into worthless KRAP when i go to repack them (an LLBean tent should last thru more than 2 rain days! honestly.)

    so head down to the basement, little one. fire up the T-Vo…’s time to catch up on all those guilt trips — suddenly you have the time! 🙂 hugs.

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