Don’t take 30mL of Vicks 44D. Even though they give you a cup that is 30mL big, and most liquid drugs make the cup the size of the adult dose, the correct adult dose is 15mL.

About ten minutes after taking 30mL of Vicks 44D, if you’re like me, you’ll break out into a sweat, feel nauseous, and generally want to die. And then you’ll look at the label, because you’re an idiot who didn’t look until then, and you’ll realize the mistake…so you’ll dry heave over the sink for awhile, hoping to get some of it out of your system…and fail. So then you’ll lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling like an addict on a bad trip while waiting for the badness to go away. It takes about 15 minutes for the badness to go away. Then, you’ll feel fine, except for then realizing that it could have gone MUCH worse and that you’re equally stupid for not calling SOMEONE just in case your heart explodes or something.

Yay for my body being awesome enough to survive. 🙂 Boo for being an idiot who assumes and doesn’t read labels!

On the plus side, my sinuses have cleared up.

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  1. I didn’t do exactly what you did, but I did do something similar. A while back, I had this horrible cold/sinus thing. I got up at some point in the night…which turned out to be more like early morning around 5. I took some NyQuil caplets…the night formula. Then, when I got up at like 8 or 9, I still felt crappy, so I took 2 more daytime capsules. I was under the impression that the meds I had taken were of the 4 hour variety. WRONG! Long story short, I spent hours and hours with that “I fell asleep in the car and someone carried me in and now I don’t know where I am” feeling. Did that ever happen when you were a kid? Yeah, so I had this strange “how did I get here” feeling even though I totally knew I was at home in my own house. It was both weird/upsetting and cool.

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