Today’s itinerary

Just in case something happens, I want to make my itinerary for today public knowledge:

1) Take MRT to Taipei Zoo stop. Visit zoo.
2) Take Maokong gondola to Maokong. Possibly get tea at one of the teahouses.
3) Take MRT back to hotel (Taipei City Hall stop), potentially stopping at Taipei 101 on the way for food/shopping

Then, I’ll update after that, because it will depend on when I get back. If I get back early-ish, I’ll probably head to Beitou to go to the hot springs. If I get back later, I’ll head for the night markets.

I’m leaving this same info in my hotel room, just in case. 🙂 But, I’m going to well-traveled tourist routes, and Taipei has got to be one of the most tourist friendly places in this area. Almost every sign is in Chinese, English, Pinyin (Chinese in romanized text), and Japanese.

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