Bad day? Maybe?

Yesterday may well have constituted a bad day, although it only sometimes felt like one. I wrote about waking up way too early already thanks to a middle-of-night phone call. Not long after that, I bent over to pick up something from the floor and heard a pop and felt a sudden pain in my lower back. Ouch. That’s happened to me once before, and the net of it is that there’s nothing to do except wait it out, really. I brought some pain meds with me, fortunately. I’m guessing what actually brought it on (similar to last time) is having really badly bruised my back the day before. The day before yesterday, I’d gone to the food court in the basement for lunch with BH. We were in a hurry, so we were getting fast food (and OMG, even the fast food here is way better than home…and cheaper…a full lunch with drink cost me like $4). There weren’t many seats, so we ended up sitting at the single people’s bar. You know that area, right? Every food court has one…it’s like a bar in the middle with a bunch of tall stools, generally facing a wall or a scenic area so single people can eat without looking at the people around them. šŸ™‚ Problem is that the bar stools and bar were fixed in place. I did not initially realize this; I thought the chairs would move. So, I went to squish myself between two stools and suddenly realized that I am *not* a tiny Asian person. I almost got stuck, but I managed to squish in. Once I was between the stool and the bar, I was fine…it was just getting there. Well, I scraped the crap out of myself doing that…and then I had to get out when we were done. Smart would have been to confess the problem and get BH’s assistance in me just going over the back of the bar stool and out that way (hard to explain, but this would have been feasible). Unfortunately, vain and stupid took over, so I squished again, this time thinking that higher up on my body would be easier, so I did it tiptoe…and managed to press on a part of my back that shouldn’t be pressed on in the process, I think. It had ached a little after that, and I had a bruise just above my tailbone. But, I’m guessing that’s what stressed my back enough that it “went out.”

The last time my back went out, it was after a fall at horseback riding. I’d fallen, and then I went to pick up a suitcase the next day and got this same feeling. So yeah, I’m guessing that’s how it works for me. When I was a kid, I had 2 different playground injuries to the same part of my back, and although doctors and x-rays said nothing was wrong, I’m convinced I screwed myself up somehow, because that part of my back has given me periodic trouble ever since.

Anyways, so that’s no fun. I brought pain meds with me, so I doped up a bit. It also doesn’t hurt when I walk most of the time, nor if I sit in just the right way, nor if I move around periodically. Getting out of bed this morning was tough, and last night after dinner and after drinks, getting up was tough because it got stiff. Must remember to keep moving!

I had a nice breakfast upstairs. Then, Scott and I had our one long phone call of the week, and although we barely fought, cognizant of the urgency of the moment, we did have a disagreement…and there was crying and upsetness on my side. We finished pleasantly, though, and all is well, so don’t worry…it just sucked to have had something bad come up. To explain without airing too much dirty laundry, he did something unintentionally that hurt my feelings and offended me, having no idea he was doing it, because he’s a doof about this kind of thing sometimes.

So, that kinda sucked, but a hot bath fixes all things, so I was fine by the time I started walking to work. I left earlier than BH did, and that afforded me the opportunity to take a different route. I swung by a 7-11, hoping to find postcards…no luck. Instead, I bought soda for the day. Then, I realized that I’d gotten to work too early. We have to be admitted by an admin, and the admin wasn’t there yet. My ID would get me in once I was up on the right floor, but to get to that floor, someone in the office had to let me in, and no one was there yet at 8:45am. Oops. But, that, like all things, worked itself out by me talking to the security desk and explaining the situation and showing my ID. They gave me a temporary pass to go upstairs, so that was good.

The day passed uneventfully at work. I was a little surprised that I didn’t get sleepy in the afternoon, considering I’d been awake for 15+ hours at that point on very little sleep. Frequent coke doses were helping. šŸ˜‰ I managed to get a picture of the little cow statues on the way to the suburban office…they’re up in the gallery now, although I haven’t captioned them yet.

After the train ride back to the downtown area, I wanted to do some shopping. A colleague at work had told me that the big bookstore, Eslite (their version of Borders), is probably my best bet for a postcard. As it happened, I got a bunch of souvenirs for people there. It was a good shopping trip. I have another story about that, but I’m running low on time here, so I need to finish up. I’ll come back to it later.

As I came out of the bookstore, I took a different route back to the hotel, and there were all sorts of cool buildings, so I stopped to take a photo…and my camera died. By that, I mean I hit the shutter button and it just shut down. The lens didn’t retract. I thought maybe the battery was dead or unseated, so I re-seated it. I got it to come back on again, long enough for it to halfway retract the lens before it died again. So, I sighed and figured I’d come back later. At that point, I thought the battery was just dead. It’s been fully charged twice now though, and the camera is still not responding at all. I think it’s just dead. šŸ™ Of all the crappy times for a camera to die, right?

So, my picture-taking plan for today is to use my cellphone. It’s a 2MP fixed focus, so it’ll be okay. Then, tonight, I’m going to find my way to the Panasonic store and buy the camera that I’ve had my eye on. Panasonic practically owns this island, I think. šŸ™‚ It’s better than Seoul, which was owned/operated by LG. šŸ˜‰

Electronics are neither overpriced nor underpriced here, so it’ll likely be no worse than buying it at home. I bought this camera right after I moved in with Scott, so I guess it was time for it to die. šŸ™‚ It’s just really, really bad timing.

Okay, I’ve gotta go get dressed. I’ve been writing for 45 minutes here. Whew!

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