Twilight (aka Damn you, Stephenie Meyer!)

I don’t have much time, as I’m starving and breakfast opens at 6:30…I want to be first in line! I’m awake because I got a phone call from a work colleague at 2:30am local time. I hit ignore, but I guess that made him think that we’d gotten disconnected, so he called back. Grr. So, I sleepily picked up the phone and said hello. I didn’t recognize the number (aside from the 847 area code), so I vaguely thought it might be an emergency with something at home. It wasn’t. But, it woke me up enough that I had trouble getting back to sleep. I’d gone to bed at 9pm local time (recovering either from jet lag or from my late night on Monday…too hard to tell…on Monday, the rest of my colleagues had basically gone straight from the bar to breakfast, and you know from above what that means in terms of the sleep theygot. Yeah, I made a wise choice by leaving when I did.).

It probably would have been easier to go back to sleep were it not for the Kindle on my bedside table, with Breaking Dawn sitting there all ready to go, ready to save me from potential internet spoilers.

You see, just before I left, I got wind of this whole Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I know, I know, I’m the last to this one (again…I think I came into HP at book 3). Between Entertainment Weekly’s discussion of the movie and a bajillion blog posts in anticipation of the new book, I decided I needed to give this a try. While we were in Vegas, I downloaded the free preview of Twilight (Book 1 of the Twilight Series). I was hooked. Fortunately, I was still in the middle of Fire Study (another amazing series, but one that I’m now completely caught up on). I was also cognizant of this trip and figured a book series would be perfect to keep me amused on the plane rides and in idle moments.

Little did I know that I would soon thirst for the next page as much as Meyer’s vamps thirst for blood. Putting it down is torture. I’ve zipped through the first three books already, and as of right now, I’m halfway through the fourth (that was just released this past week). I’m coming up with excuses to read. I slip it in my bag as I head to the bathroom at work just to get a few pages in while I take care of nature’s call. I just about died from pure want yesterday evening on the train back from the suburbs…it was a long train ride, but it felt horribly antisocial to dive into a book with a colleague on the train with me…even though we’d already exhausted our potential for small talk and work talk. And last night, I bailed on dinner (hence being starving) in part so that I could come back to the room and dive in again.

I suck at actual book reviews, and there’s a ton of them out there already. I guess it’s sufficient to say that I’m not sure if I’m telling you to read these books or telling you to stay the hell away from them. 🙂 I loved the Anne Rice books for awhile, but they were lacking humanity. Lestat was a delicious villain, but AR made the vamps too perfect, too polished. Meyer’s take on the myth is much more palatable, and it makes the love story central to the book that much more heartbreaking…and that much more delicious.

(ETA: By the way, if you’re ever curious what’s on my Kindle or what I’m reading/watching/hearing, there’s a pretty good chance that looking at my most recent items in my Amazon Library will give you that info. Let me know if the link doesn’t work!)

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