Typhoons & other fun things

Even though it’s still pretty hot and humid here, my walk to work this morning was made better thanks to wind gusts. It reminded me of Chicago, honestly. I have those cool wind gusts thanks to typhoon Fung-Wong (Phoenix), which is sitting over the southern part of Taiwan. It’s making the southern part of the island rainy, but it’s keeping Taipei cool and windy. 🙂

It is so beautiful here. It reminds me of Hawaii in some ways. The mountains are rounded and rolling, covered in green. The sky is bright blue with wispy clouds. I’ll start a Taipei album over in the gallery tonight, I hope. Last night, we went out after dinner and stayed out pretty late, so I was zonked by the time I got back to the room. We had gone to Dozo for dinner. (The garlic beef mentioned in that review is quite delicious!) That was only after the Hyatt, though.

Hmm…this is a story worth telling, I think. So, I’m here with a colleague from work, who shall be known as BH in this post. Because he comes here very often, he’s on the list at the Hyatt for access to their VIP lounge on an upper floor. I and “E”, another gal from our company (different group but also here this week and also staying at the Hyatt), have been meeting him up there, having a drink or two, and then going to dinner. The VIP lounge has a liquor cabinet, a fridge full of sodas, some games, and usually some light snacks. I’ve been taking advantage of their endless supply of Coke Zero. 🙂 Anyways, the first night, we all went in together and there was no problem, but last night, when we did the exact same procedure, the staff of the lounge insisted on charging BH for the two of us. He waved it off, no biggie…until they brought the check for around NT$1500 for each of us. (That’s around $45 per person.) Now, our company is covering all of this, but that doesn’t stop us from being righteously indignant over the cost. So, we figure we need to get our money’s worth, right? 🙂 Well, the money’s worth ended up being around 4 sodas for me, intermixed with 2 highball glasses filled with Absolut vodka (oh okay…a few cubes of ice in there), garnished with a lime. E got her money’s worth from a fairly large number of Heinekens. Then, we went to dinner with a larger group of folks from our company that had formed.

Dozo is known for beer bongs. They are around four feet tall, as wide as a 2-liter coke bottle, and they bring them to the table with a little tap at the bottom. Not being a beer person, I didn’t indulge, but the rest of the table did. I had a drink called a Ninja instead…sake, midori, and lime juice…mine was made bottomless by BH, so I was never lacking. So, by the end of our stay at Dozo (around 11:30pm?) the table had 2 beer bongs, and I had my fair share of Ninjas. Then, we went to a place near the hotel called the Tavern, which was a little pub with a pool table in the back. I didn’t shut the place down as my colleagues did. I had a couple of shots (lemon drop and a thing called a scooby snack…banana liqueur, rum, chocolate, whipped cream…some other stuff, maybe…it was a “double” shot), and I ended up leaving around 2am, having decided that I needed to get some amount of sleep. I walked back to the hotel alone (it wasn’t far, and the hotel is easy to spot thanks to the Taipei 101 next door), which suited me as I was having people overload. I took a quick shower (twice daily showers are a must here), read for awhile before bed (I have a book series I’m addicted to on the kindle…more on that later), having finally figured out how to work the reading lights above the bed (there’s a control box on the alarm clock), and went to sleep around 3am.

I slept in a bit today (until 8:30), read some more, and then dragged myself out of bed to get ready and be at the office by 10am. I walked to the office on my own (BH had beaten me there…I’d been warned that he runs on zero sleep when he’s here), which was nice because I didn’t feel bad about stopping to take photos. My walk to the office goes past the Taiwan Discovery Center and Taipei City Hall. Sadly, it doesn’t go past breakfast, so my tummy is rumbling right about now. 🙂

We’re going to the suburbs this afternoon, to visit a vendor. It’ll be my first time riding the MRT, so that should be fun.

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  1. Hey, I’m having a great time reading your blogs every day. Thank you for posting them in the middle of the night when I am sleeping, it makes for a convenient read in the morning; kind of like a newspaper.

    Went out for drinks with Toonces last night here in KTown. I had one (maybe two) to many Long Islands and needed a ride home. I don’t know when it became acceptable to get wasted on a Monday Night, but so far it hasn’t affected my work day (as you see I am posting on your blog).

    Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading. Looking forward to catching up with you when you get home.

    Stay safe!


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