Glass half empty

My posts so far have been filled with happyjoy, so to balance it out, here are a few of the not-so-good things about my trip so far:

  • Being offset from US blogs and e-mail: I’m used to getting at least 10-12 e-mails an hour during the day. Thus, I have a habit of checking my e-mail regularly. There’s no point right now. The e-mail builds up when I’m asleep, and none of it is coming now.
  • Heat: The weather is really warm and humid here. Also, you walk everywhere. From the hotel to the office was about 5 blocks this morning, but we were all sweaty by the time we got here.
  • Caffeine deprivation: I’m used to having around 100oz of caffinated diet soda by this point in my workday. So far today, I’ve had ~20oz. But, I did have a delicious fresh mango juice with lunch, so I’m not feeling too deprived. Right now in particular, I’m lackadaisical in the way that comes from caffeine deprivation.
  • Kindle wireless doesn’t work: There’s no EVDO for the Kindle to use here. But, I’m smart so I brought my sync cable with me. I’ll be downloading books the old-fashioned way for awhile.
  • Things forgotten: I apparently forgot the airplane-compatible piece of my auto/air/AC laptop charger. I have 3 batteries, so it’s not a big deal, but it sucks since I bought the thing specifically for this kind of trip. I also forgot my portable retainer case, so I’ve been using the good ol’ wrap it in a napkin method.

That’s it! No more guilt for posting happy posts. 🙂

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  1. Hi sweetie, thanks for keeping us posted on your safe travels! Be careful with the ‘wrap in the napkin method’, my sister did that at a cafeteria and threw it in the garbage by accident! ~moo

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