I’m cozy in my hotel room in Taipei, at the Grand Hyatt. My hotel is conveniently located right next to the Taipei 101, which gives me a really easy thing to say to cab drivers and others as far as getting me back to the hotel.

I also have a spectacular view of the building from my room:

Taipei 101
Taipei 101

No other big news. We ate dinner at a dumpling place near the hotel. The dumplings were very tasty. We had pork dumplings and shrimp dumplings. I only had a few, since my hunger hasn’t caught up to me yet. 🙂 Also, I drank tons of water on the plane, and drinking lots of water always makes me less hungry.

Oh, by the way, first class suites ROCK. It’s like a little mini-cubicle with a chair that converts to a fully horizontal bed. During my flights, I slept about 2 hours on the way to SFO. Then, I slept during “normal” sleep times for Taipei during that flight as much as I could manage…meaning I slept for 2-3 hours during the first half of the flight and then took an afternoon siesta for an hour at around 3pm Taipei time.

I did manage to survive the fruit-sniffing puppies at the airport:

Ed. note: I’m not going to bother changing the offset for WordPress for this week. So, add 13 hours to the time that WordPress shows, and that’s the time I’m on when I post.

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