Oh, the unending and glorious power

Our Harmony 880 remote, purchased via eBay, arrived today. I’ve now got it configured for our main floor media system. I already am wishing I had one for the basement. I may actually repurpose this one to the basement and steal the basement’s current universal for this floor, as this remote can control the XBox 360 (something we don’t have in the universal downstairs). Also, the basement TV is a royal PITA to change inputs, whereas the main floor TV is pretty easygoing.

Still…I love the power…remote CONTROL…heh…

Now, where is the command for “bring DH home from poker so he can pay attention to me”?

1 thought on “Oh, the unending and glorious power”

  1. That is the most awesome remote I have ever seen. I quake in the shadow of the awesome power that the remote bestows upon you.

    I bet my grandmother would confuse that remote with a cell phone. It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.

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