Password-protected Posting

My blog has the capability to password-protect certain posts. I’m going to be using this feature to mimic the f-lock capability on LJ. Namely, I’m going to create one master password for trusted readers. All you have to do is get the password once and tuck it away somewhere handy.

Having password protection means I could post information about upcoming travel plans (normally, I only post vague information or post info after the trip is done, to prevent the possibility of a burglar using the blog to know when we’ll be home). I can also post certain sensitive things that can’t be shared with the world but could be shared with friends and family.

It’s totally an opt-in if you want the password. Just drop me an e-mail, and presuming you’re in the trusted reader category, I’ll e-mail it to you. You do need to send me e-mail (not just comment) because then I can just reply to send you the password. Otherwise, I need to dig up your e-mail address, verify that it’s valid, etc.

An example of a password protected post, with some semi-juicy content, will follow this one. 🙂

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