• Rented a BIG ASS TRUCK for the weekend. It’s a Dodge Ram. I can’t even find it on their website. I have to do a pull up to get myself into it. I can’t even reach the handle to pull yourself in until I do a little leap. It takes either regular gasoline or E85. Of course, we didn’t spot a station that had E85 until about 5 minutes after we put gas in it.
  • Dropped off one load of furniture and clothes to Goodwill.
  • Saw Alonzo Bodden at the Improv in Schaumburg with my dear dentist-friend and my dear husband.
  • Stayed overnight in the area (with aforementioned friend) and took BIG ASS TRUCK to the Ikea the next day. Bought loads of stuff, including bookcase that will replace one of the closet doors. Had fun shopping Ikea-style with dentist-friend’s hubby and my hubby. 🙂 Ate many free meatballs.
  • Had late lunch at Hooters before leaving the area of CONSUMERISM. Considered that if we stayed in that area another six hours, we could do a road rallye in the BIG ASS TRUCK. Decided that the cost of fuel alone made that a silly endeavor.
  • Got home. Unloaded truck. Took truck out again to buy patio furniture (need better chairs to sit in on deck). Ended up buying a hammock from Cost Plus. LOVE the hammock. Would marry the hammock, were it legal. Spent quite awhile lounging in hammock with DH. Hard to get other work done when hammock beckons.
  • Saw Get Smart. It was alright, but I feel it either needed more funny or more action. It was lacking in both. I did not appreciate the cheap fat jokes (despite the somewhat fat-positive scene in the middle). Oh, and I wanted to see more of Anne Hathaway getting dressed up in pretty clothes. That’s what she’s there for, not silly things like plot and acting.
  • Finished yesterday night by curling up with DH in hammock and looking at stars. Was sweet. 🙂

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