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Yesterday, I bought a yoga mat to go under the Wii Fit. The idea being to make the exercises where you’re kneeling or sitting on the floor a bit more comfy. (Our Wii Fit is in a room with pergo flooring.) I’d bought one that was tan and black, but it turned out to have a damask print on one end instead of the bamboo print that I thought it had. Also, the tan blended a little too well with our maple flooring. So, I went back to Target to exchange it.

When I did the return, the clerk announced the refund to my card, and it sounded low to me. I double-checked my receipt, figuring that she might have returned it at a sale price when the original price was higher. It turns out that I’d gotten charged for *two* mats yesterday, and since I was expecting a higher price (it was on sale), I didn’t catch it. I mentioned this to the clerk, figuring that aside from a customer sat kind of credit, I was probably out of luck. After all, it had been nearly a day since the purchase. The clerk seemed nonplussed though and got on the walkie-talkie to call someone to the front.

In short order, a security guard comes up to the front and is given my receipt by the clerk. He took it back to a back room and in about ten minutes, he came back and verified to the clerk that I had actually only gotten one mat. I was grinning madly, and I was like, “That’s awesome. I thought I was out of luck for not having caught it yesterday.” The security guard then explained (a bit proudly) that he can take a receipt, scan the barcode, and, so long as it’s within a certain period of time, his system will pull up the camera footage of that area from that time period.

So, I know there are privacy advocates out there that are really not thrilled with the fact that we’re being filmed all the time. Still, that’s some pretty cool technology, IMO, and I’m happy that it allowed the clerk (and Target) to verify that I’m an honest consumer and not a scammer. 🙂

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