DIY Ski Bunny

I just finished putting a storage wax on our skis. I set up two of our plastic shelving units on the deck to hold the skis flat. I bought a basic waxing kit from Tognar) awhile back that has been waiting for me to have a free weekend. First, I brushed the bases to clean off the old wax and dirt. Second, I crayoned some wax onto the bases to prep them for the hot wax. Lastly, I heated up the ski wax iron, drizzled wax directly on the skis in a good thick coat, and then ironed it smooth, covering the edges in wax as well as the base.

I strapped the skis together so that at the beginning of next season, we can just unstrap them, scrape off the wax, and we’ll be good to go. Keeping the wax on for storage helps to keep the edges from rusting, and it gives the bases a solid amount of time to absorb the wax.

Go me!