Not getting braces off today after all. 🙁 Dental office just called…retainer didn’t come in yesterday like it was supposed to. They called the lab to check on what had happened this morning, and it turns out that the lab shipped it yesterday instead of shipping it to *arrive* by yesterday as they were directed to do. So, there’s no retainer waiting on me.

And the dentist office was willing to stay late Thursday (when the retainer will arrive) or bring me in this Saturday…but I’m not available because of a (DH – excuse the rant, it’s emotion-fueled and temporary in nature) stupid trip for a stupid tournament that I stupid didn’t want to do to begin with and only got talked into because of stupid cool airplane and stupid cool friend who was going along but has since cancelled. And so, because the dentist office just moved and thus is booked solid (because they were unavailable for a week due to moving…hence it even being this long before my retainer day), the first slot I can get into is on May 20th.

The thing is…I’m sad. I’m not sad so much because I’m unhappy being in braces. I’m sad because I’d kind of built up today, and I’m annoyed because I’d really re-arranged work and a bunch of other things to be able to do this in a way that was relaxing and stuff…and now I have to do all of that again.