Roller Coaster

(Don’t get your hopes up, Mr. Mindworks. It’s a metaphor.)

Yesterday morning, I got an e-mail from someone I’d been hoping to hear from for awhile. This made me thrilled and anxious all day (because I had to wait until I got home to write a response and to re-read it when I wasn’t rushed). Yesterday afternoon/evening, I had a crappy work meeting. Crappy may be an understatement. I was in tears for part of it with pure frustration. I wasn’t bawling or anything, but I had tears streaming because I just didn’t know what I could do. The wankers were being very zealous. What’s more fun is that I will be in NC with the very same wankers for most of next week. Lovely. But, at the end of the meeting (which had run more than an hour over the scheduled time), I was able to make a hasty exit thanks to my physical therapy appointment.

Physical therapy has been going well. My knee pain is almost gone. It doesn’t ache like it had been doing. I just hope that when my prescribed sessions are done that it doesn’t immediately come back. Anyways, physical therapy was fun. In addition to the usual stretches and lunges, I did some squats on a balance board that really simulated the motions and balance of skiing. (I’d told my PT that I was going on a ski trip this weekend, so he intentionally worked some ski-related exercises into my routine.) And, as always, the ice massage and ultrasound felt great. Also as usual, it ran a bit late, so I was rushed getting home and had no time to stop for dinner.

A person from freecycle was coming at 7pm to pick up my futon, hence the rush. I got home, ordered a pizza to console myself, and went into the basement to get things cleaned up and picked up before the freecycler came, to get the futon ready to move. Before I knew it, the pizza arrived. I put the pizza down and went to my computer to do a few things there before I ate, got caught up in the happy e-mail and thinking about my reply (and beginning to write it), and then the freecycler arrived. It was a woman and her two teenage daughters. Moving the futon into our basement was no easy task, and I’d warned them that moving it out would not be pleasant. But, they managed to figure out how to disassemble it (something our mover did not figure out how to do) and thus it became relatively easy. I had fun talking to them, too, and seeing the sisters interacting with the mom and such. The mom had told me in e-mail that they were running out of bedrooms for kids as the kids were getting older, so this was going to help them be able to convert their basement into a part-time bedroom for one of the kids.

After that, I returned to my happy e-mail writing. By the way, remember that crush I mentioned? This was the e-mail that I was working with, from/to the aforementioned crush. Anyways, so I finished that up and did the usual evening computer tasks (checking on my Webkinz, reading f-list, etc.). At some point, I realized that I’d forgotten to eat my dinner. My pizza was sitting on the oven, unopened. Oops. So, I had a slice of semi-warm pizza and put the rest in the fridge for today. Then, I had the super-fun task of finishing cleaning out our basement and moving things such that the painters could work today.

And that pretty much catches you up to the present. I sent my happy e-mail reply last night and got another happy e-mail this morning. I have another potentially bad meeting with the wankers this morning though, so we’ll see whether I finish on a high or a low when all is said or done. Either way, I’m going skiing this weekend, and I’m very excited about that.