Six Month Anniversary

Today is the six month anniversary of me getting braces. Original plan was that I’d be getting impressions done for my retainer next week, but there was a problem while we were at the NABC in Detroit. One of my brackets came off (making eight that I’ve had come off during this process), and because it was a tooth that was on a powerchain, the powerchain rapidly started closing the “gap” left by the tooth that was off the wire. Net of this was that I had a tooth being pushed behind the other teeth, right up front. I called it my redneck tooth while I was at the NABC. I have a really grainy (cellphone) photo of it that I took for the purposes of sending to my dentist, but it’s not clear enough to be of use to y’all, I think. Point being, I had a really obvious tooth that was sitting higher than all the others and was behind the others, for about a week. As soon as we got back, I saw my dentist, and they got that tooth engaged on the wire again tout suite. It hurt like bloody hell, but 3 ibuprofen later, I was at home and out like a light on the couch, so I only really felt it for the time that I was driving home. By the next day, you couldn’t tell that anything had ever been wrong.

Net of this is that, because we need to give those teeth time to re-settle, we moved my impression appointment out by a week. Even that is going to be a “let’s see where we are appointment”, because the whole issue caused some of the other teeth to move out of place, and we need everything to be happily settled before we do the retainer impressions. I may end up wearing them another month beyond that, just to make sure everything is copasetic. (By the way, copasetic can be legitimately spelled 3 ways, and my spellchecker in WordPress recognizes none of them. 🙂 It’s like the spellchecker is protesting.)

The wild part is that I had speculated from day 1 that my “six month” braces were actually going to be seven and a half month braces, because my teeth were so messed up. The truth is though that, if this bracket issue hadn’t occurred and if it hadn’t occurred at such an inopportune time, my six month braces would have lasted almost precisely six months. That’s pretty amazing, when you consider where I started.

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