Braces Update

OMG my teeth hurt. The good news is that at today’s adjustment, my dentist confirmed that this is my last month in braces. My teeth are almost done. The last few things are really minor, to the point that if the braces were bugging me, she could take them off now, but since I don’t mind having them, there’s no point in rushing.

So, I will be getting them off right on time, basically at the six month mark. At my next appointment, they’ll take impressions of my teeth without the wires. Then, I’ll get my wires back on for about 2 weeks while the retainers are being made.

She also confirmed that I can get whatever pretty decorated style of retainer I want, which is awesome. The link isn’t actually to her lab but to a similar one that I found online; she’s getting me the catalog of the ones from her lab but she confirmed with them that whatever this lab can do, they can do, so that’s cool. I’m thinking that I’d like to try to get them to put my maneki neko on my retainer.

For now though, I wanted green for this month. I have powerchains again, and the green powerchains turn out to be really, really tight…meaning it took some serious yanking to put them in, so I’m really sore tonight. I’m consoling myself with pizza. Yes, dinner is pizza. Get in the kitchen. 🙂