Carpet Advice

Below you will find a link to a gallery of pictures of carpet samples, set against various elements in our basement. We are seeking outside opinions. Please, when voicing an opinion, keep the following concerns in mind: resale (will the option be off-putting to a new owner), contrast with current furniture (chair and shelves are permanent elements), stain-hiding (they’re all stain-resistant, but will the color hide a stain?).

Because digital photos don’t always present color well, the colors from left to right in each picture are Cocoa Brown, Silver/Grey (but seems to have a blue-ish tinge), Tan/Khaki, and Dark Blue. I think the picture on the chair shows the colors the best. The relative color to the other items seems to be accurate in the photos, I think. All photos were taken without a flash and with only the lighting typically present in the basement.

We want to make this decision by tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, because the sooner we make a decision, the sooner the process gets started to get our basement back in order. 🙂 So, advice received by then will be used to make the decision. Advice received after that point will just be of interest for I told you so purposes. 🙂 Oh, and we’ll both be keeping a close eye on this post, so if you have a question, feel free to put it in the comments, and we’ll try to answer quickly.

Typical purpose of our basement: entertaining guests, watching movies, relaxing.

Link to the Gallery or go to, scroll down to Misc. Photos, and then click Carpet in Basement.