Opinions needed!

I’m going to buy this down coat. I’m debating between getting it in Loden Green, Ivory, or Black.

I do plan to use this as a formal-ish long winter coat, in that I’ll wear it to work and to business meetings. I need it to be wearable with black and grey suits. (I already have this coat in chocolate/natural for wearing with my brown-toned outfits.) Toward that end, I’m leaning toward Ivory. However, I’m worried that unless the Ivory is sparkling perfect white, it won’t look good. I have zero experience with this kind of coat in white, though, so maybe it’s easier to keep clean than I might think? It is water-repellent, and it is machine washable, so I can always wash it if needed. In white, it will go with my blue and white bomber hat, too.

Black seems like the safe choice, but it’s boring, too. I’d rather hold off on black for a nice wool coat at some point, whenever I can find one that fits well.

The green is a possible compromise. I *think* it’s still nice enough to wear that with a black suit. As a gal, I can get away with that without it looking sporty, I think. I have my doubts, though. My only black compatible heavy coat right now is a very sport/ski styled red and black Columbia 3-in-1…I end up wearing my waist-length grey peacoat instead for business things because the jacket is just way too sport-ish. So, my worry with the green is that it’s more of a brown tone (which I’ve already got covered, see above) and that it’s going to look more sport-ish and less nice. I do love green though!

(PS – Don’t tell me I’m being ridiculous with these standards of businesswear. That’s not the opinions I’m looking for. 🙂 Move along.)