Best Buy Private Party

Our local Best Buy (as well as most other Best Buys) had a private sale today for rewards club members. One of the benefits is that they guaranteed a minimum of 30 Wiis available. We’d decided earlier this year that we wanted to get a Wii for our adorable nephew #1 for his birthday, but we didn’t want to bother with eBay. I figured with Black Friday, there’d surely be shipments coming this month. So, long story short, the private sale started at 8:30pm (half hour after normal close) with the line forming at 7:30pm, per the invite. I got to the Best Buy at 6:30pm and was 13th in line. Scott came by at 8pm and brought me coffee while he was between tournaments. As expected, I got the Wii. They were also doing raffles every half hour for prizes and $50 gift cards. You had to be present to win, so I hung around for the whole event, and sure enough, at the end, I nabbed a gift card and the Real Simple Solutions book. Sweet!

I tried to talk Scott into letting me get us the 40 inch Samsung LCD HDTV for $999, too, but he wouldn’t let me. Party pooper. 🙂