Knee stiffness

While I was in NJ for a week, I decided to make use of the gym at my hotel. They had an elliptical, so I gave that a try…and managed to wrench my knee a bit in the process. I had some pain after that, but then after I flew home, it started being stiff whenever I sat for any period. I’m guessing that the airplane seat (even in first class) positioning worsened the injury somehow.

At any rate, it’s really annoying to have to pause for a second every time I stand up to let my knee wake up.

I’m terrified of losing my mobility, by the way. People of size are unfortunately plagued by knee and leg issues, for obvious reasons. If there’s any reason that I want to lose weight, it’s because I’m scared of things like this becoming a permanent fixture. Unfortunately, just about every form of activity that I like seems to exacerbate this sort of thing in one way or another.